How To Convert Millions Of Customers On E-Commerce Sites? Part 1

homepage-stats3.jpg Before you convert millions of customers on your E-commerce site, let’s begin with  the most important part i.e, Homepage.

As a digital marketing expert, it’s your job to help clients create the best website possible so that they can achieve their goals. Millions of customers and millions in sales: that’s the dream many e-commerce store owners have when they launch their store. Every day think about what will work best for your client’s specific businesses and their specific customers. It’s important to craft a website specifically for each target audience and each individual brand, because no two are the exact same. Nonetheless, there’s also a lot to be learned from those who have come before us and achieved wild success.

Analyse the top e-commerce sites across the web to discover their common traits and best practices, so that we can learn from them and gain valuable insights you can incorporate into your own site. Let’s see few examples.




Sony has such a well-organized homepage. Their main promotion and graphic tells you exactly what you can expect to find on their site. They have quick access to products and popular categories to get customers shopping. 


Your homepage is the most important page of your site. It’s typically the most visited page and also the page the majority of customers land on before diving deeper into your store. For those reasons, a great homepage is both a valuable sales tool and a great opportunity to showcase your brands or products. Since the average customer makes a decision about your brand between 15-30 seconds of landing on your homepage, it’s more important than ever to get your homepage right. 


RedBubble’s homepage has very clear messaging and a beautiful grid layout of popular categories. It sets the brand feel and then goes straight into shopping. Simple and to the point, this is a great homepage. 


An example of a bad homepage:


IndoSuryaAsia’s homepage doesn’t have a very clear messaging and a beautiful grid layout of popular categories. It doesn’t set the brand feel and it prompts you straight into shopping their featured products. Simply, this is a not a great homepage. 




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