SEO essentials for your website Part 3


Small-Medium sized businesses hoping for SEO (search engine optimization) rankings can take a lesson from my weekly articles. You can now create a checklist of your own to make sure everything is perfect for your website.

Optimize all the images:

Use keyword phrases not only throughout the website’s content, but also in the image description. If you’re using a CMS like WordPress – inserting an ALT attribute in an image tag is really easy! After uploading an image, go to “Alternative Text” and insert your description there.

Eg. “Brown shoes for men.jpg” instead of “DCIM123.jpg”

Optimize your web pages with one Keyword:

The best thing is to optimize a web page with one keyword phrase rather than several ones at a time. By focusing on one keyword, and to be sure that it gains all the SEO power it can get. Optimize title tags and meta tags of your website along with its content (headline, subheadings, body text, links and images).

Ex: Backpacking 


Link to other quality websites:

If you link to other websites, you not only help to promote their content, but also you let others know that you exist. Simple as that. And if you provide quality content, people whose work you’ve shared will be more willing to promote your website as well.


Carefully plan your content strategy:

Have a strategy for content that you would like to publish on your website. First, it’s very important to know What kind of information you would like to provide, also how often. Especially this applies if you run a blog within your website. Start with creating a roadmap for content creation.



Create your social media presence:

The more visible your content is on social media, the more chance that people will share it via blog posts, forums, social bookmarking sites, and other platforms, naturally increasing your link profile. Having an online visibility and brand presence in various social media channels can increase traffic to your site and build your reputation.



If you start implementing the above-mentioned tips to your website, you see the results in next three to six months. Hold on for a moment, you need to be patience and consitent to achieve results.

I wish you all a pleasant journey on your journey to SEO optimization.


Best Regards,

Praveen Gajjala

Digital Marketing Specialist




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