SEO essential for your website? Part 2

After my article on SEO essentials part 1, take a look the following five point. Implement these five this week to your website and see the difference.



1) Content Creation:

The content is KING, creating a relevant content on your website is very important. Search engines responsible for every word searched on the web is accountable for every word. For instance, when you search for something on the search engines, it filters the results as required.

2) Page Title and Code: 

Writing the title on your website matters and search engines pay special attention to the title used in the code.

Ex: <title> SEO ON-PAGE </title>

3) Link Building:

Building links between websites are very important (both internal and external linking). Including web page with a lot of links can look good to the search engines.

Ex: Internal linking refers t0 any links from one page on a domain which leads to another page on that same domain.


SEO Friendly URL


4) SEO Friendly URLs:

Words used in links are very crucial. Search engines can establish the relation of the words used with the link. In one sentence, the site with the keyword used in the link ranks well.

Ex: (instead of 



How to achieve a quality content? 

5) Quality Content:

Reputation is very important. Web sites with a growing number of fresh, engaging content and quality links are like, “hot cakes” and do very well in search rankings.

Watch the following video, story explained by Google´s Matt Cutt

How SEO works?

I hope that you people enjoy my third article on SEOs, until next article carpe diem.




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